Wildlife Photographer, Writer, Adventurer, Conservationist, ADVENTURE Guide.

Having been born and raised in Africa has always left me with a deep appreciation and love for our natural world. From a very early age I discovered just what I wanted to do with my life and that was to work in the wildlife field. My introduction to wildlife came as a kid exploring the vast country sides that were still undeveloped and lay in the back yard of small town South Africa. My hometown, Rustenburg, was no different. Surrounded by the beautiful and endless Magaliesburg mountain range (4th oldest mountain range in the world) provided a perfect environment for me to deepen my love and knowledge of the incredible natural wonders that Africa had to offer. Located about 15 minutes from my home is the incredible Pilanesberg National Park; an incredible game reserve with an abundance of fauna and flora.  I spent almost every weekend of my childhood visiting this incredible park, which richened my appreciation of the natural world. Visiting Pilanesberg during my youth also taught me the importance of conservation and saving our planets last wild spaces.

I have been involved in conservation in some shape or form from those early days. Whether it was rescuing stranded marine mammals off the South African coast or later moving to the United States and working for the National Audubon Society.

I have always strived to work alongside others to preserve what is left of our natural world, as well as raise awareness and educate people of not just the beauty of the creatures that share our planet with us, but their importance as well.

It was the latter, the need to educate people, raise awareness and the desire to convey my love of the natural world combined with my love for wildlife imagery, that led me into wildlife photography. The passion I have for wildlife photography was forged the moment I picked up my first camera. For over a decade now I have passionately traveled to many parts of the world to photograph the incredible creatures that, along with us, call it home. My hope is that through my photography I am able take people on this journey with me; a journey filled with incredible places and even more incredible creatures. My hope is that through my photography, a love for wildlife and our natural world is ignited within them as well. May this medium be the catalyst that’s needed to create a love and understanding for our planet and all its creatures, because It is only through love, compassion and understanding that we will be able to save what’s left of our fragile natural world.

So come along and take this journey with me…