Yellowstone – A Wonderland Beyond Winter

When you look beyond her awe-inspiring vastness and imposing wilderness, Yellowstone reveals those intimate moments that make her truly special. It is when you spend time getting lost in these fragile moments that she lifts her veil and shows you beauty unlike any you have seen before. This is how she intoxicates you and leaves you forever yearning for her to let you into her embrace just one more time.

An Indomitable Soul – A Lion Named Scar

I have always taken umbrage to the naming of individual wild animals, I feel that it puts emphasis on certain creatures and in many regards, anthropomorphizes them. However, history has taught us that there will always be those beings that transcend our imagination into a realm reserved for the gods… and those beings, those majestic creatures that completely capture our hearts and minds, deserve to be named. 

A State of Wanderlust

Don’t ever stop searching for your adventure, and when you do find it, when you find the thing that sets your soul on fire, nurture it, embrace it, hold on to it with everything that you have. See, it is in those little quiet moments, away from the noise, away from the hustle and bustle, that we find ourselves, it is here where we truly become alive.

Mad World

To be free, is there anything greater? Is there anything more beautiful? The freedom to live, the freedom to wonder, the freedom of will… The freedom to simply be. Is it not freedom that defines the beauty of the world we live in? A sentient being is nothing but a beautiful creature longing to live free, longing to follow the inner voice that guides them through the seasons. It is this very freedom, one which we ourselves covet that is their guiding light in the gauntlet of life. Life… it is what defines the freedom that in turn gives meaning to life itself.

The Great One

There are moments in life when you must succumb to a feeling of complete humility and standing a few feet away from one as mighty as the America bison is one such moment. Confident, calm, powerful, incredible, beautiful are but some of the superlatives that define the essence of this great being, and these are the very superlatives that resign you to a feeling of humility in one that is far superior.

The Greatest Spectacle on Earth

The scene unfolding before me, left me spellbound. The was by far the most spectacular event I had ever witnessed; this moment was greater than I had ever dreamed it to be. This was life playing out the way nature intended, unbridled, free, visceral, unconquerable and triumphant. This was Nature’s greatest spectacle… This was the magic of Africa.

Elephant Symphony

 A video of elephants, simply being elephants. These sentient beings are worth far more alive, to both our planet and not to mention humanity. Our planet is far more beautiful because elephants still roam free. May we continue to be their voice.

The Industrious One - Searching For The American Beaver

The American beaver, a creature of extraordinary ability and one by which I have been captivated by for many years. Maybe it is the beaver’s architectural ingenuity and ability to construct complex dams and lodges, maybe it’s this intelligent creature’s animated nature, or maybe it’s the fact that for the longest time, these shy creatures remained an enigma to me, teasing me with clues of their presence but nothing more. Such is my story with this American legend, a story of intrigue, excitement, surrender and then finally… luck.

In a Quiet Corner of Africa

As we drove back that evening, we didn’t say much to each other, there was no talk of lions, wild dogs or even elephants, there was simply silence… but it wasn’t a “bad” silence, it was more of an awestruck appreciative silence. I like to believe that in that silence we were all thinking the same thing, which was simply… “Wow, Africa” 

Walking with Giants

Africa, the cradle of life, the birthplace of humankind. A place where giants still roam. A place that leaves you humbled, where sentient beings dwarf you in in both stature and spirit. A land where mystic and adventure become reality. Africa, a place of ancient legends and folklore, where fabled creatures become reality… A land where you walk amongst giants. Oh Africa, what a marvelous place this is.